My life is in such a mess. I'm in debts!! I think I can't control the way I spend kaching kaching $.$. Okie so people help me with my sales journal items kay!! :) http://amaranthineroses.blogspot.com. Wo hui ai ni men hui de! ^^
Today me is such a happy girlz. I met my babyboy and went out with him finally after so long. He was flirting with his dota from morning all the way to afternoon can! I don't like it man dotaa, you suck boyfriend stealer game :( Okie we went lot1 to select our rings then went to queenstown and then we went over to clarke quay. I saw Eugene Chan Yong Chuen and then my temper's boiling hot!! :( Okie then babyboy bought me a pair of shoes that is on sale! Thanks baby very very much though I didnt ask for it. Then we went back to cck and on the bus back we were like happily talking about those few months we ever started :) Went to cotton on and shiat i buy stuffs again. I can't stop it man. I'm really in debts.. :( Haha then we went walk walk and talk talk then we went home.

I think i'm really happy that i'm getting back all my happy times after talking everything out. This is my real smile, perhaps? :)
Honey, happy 184th day. I'm loving you still so much as before.

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