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Yesterday I only had one meal, dinner. I was homed for the whole day, having moodswings and then I'm turning crazy. Last night I was on the line with my boy, yes finally i had something off my heart from so long. I've been talking about our relationships, our feelings, our this our that. I'm so glad that at least I talk things out with you, I'm being so paranoid. I cried i weeped so badly but thank God at least I'm feeling so happy now. I didn't know I'll fell so deep for you, in the past I always tell myself, Guys are just jerks. If one day I'm gonna be in a relationship again, i'm never gonna fell so deep again. Yet, I guess I did. Despite our distance, despite so many problems we had, we're still together after so long. Our 1 2 months were really.. perfect I can say. I really love those times when we're shy here and there, when we had our first hug first kiss. We'll do all that again, will we? All the places we visited in our first few months, all the stuffs we did together. It's a love story, baby just say yes?

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MEGAN said...

Hey ! remember me ? link :)

passerby said...

Haha you can be a model when you grow up :D

Anonymous said...

So is the tongue piercing painful ?

Regina said...

Megan > Haha yeah rmb! okie okie :)
passerby > haha no i'm too short for that :(
Anonymous > hmm you got to bear with it if you wants it. :)


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