Hugs and kisses

I'm feeling so shag so exhausted. I've not been sleeping since last night, and I'm just back from outside. It's now 5:30am in the morning. Friday went out to work. Haha tell you what, I was late for work. I was.. 1 and the half hour late. When I entered the office, it's lunch time. Haha how kute. Worst of all i wore a bloody heels out and it causes me to have so many.. bloody blisters.
After work rushed over to Yishun to meet Max Irene Jingting. Then bused to Changi and then to expo. Went for the Songs of Solomon, though I didn't catch anything much from there but overall it's really great. After that went over to Bedok. Planned to have my supper cum dinner there but there wouldn't be bus back! Aww so bused to woodlands with Jingting & co, then cabbed home with them. Was online chatting with my boobies kooniezxs for a while then headed out to meet my BabyC nearby my house. Haha went over to have my supper at cck then went to lepak lepak in the middle of the night. Yayz shall be out tmlz again. Haha I think I need some sleep so badly

Could you still remember the every first attempt we had together? :)
The first time you tried to woo me, the first time we watch movie together, the first date we went on, the first hug you gave me, the first time we held hands, the first time we gaze stars together, the first time you called me on phone, the first time we had meals together.. and many first times. I think it's so nice to recall and remember all of them. It's like all, so sweet. Not many could remember such this uh.
Well to my dearest babyC, happy 166th day. I'm always trying to be the best for you. I know i've alot of flaws but thankyou for doing so much for me kayz. Luvz you :)

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Chermainee Felice said...

Heyhey, anyone miss me? :D
COME AND SUPPORT MY BLOG, MORE NICE! Hahha, i luvz regina ponyz. :D

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