Together we'll make it love, forever we'll make ourselves smile

Hi sweettards i'm back. Tuesday, went back to schlz for remedial. After remedial went to work. I was very very bored in the office. Haha after that home and watch my bof ^^ Wednesday, went out with my babyboy finally. Heh hehz hanged out together and had a great time. Today, went back to schlz for geography lesson. Wtf i was late and I stood up for the whole lesson. Freaking asshole. After lesson hang out at canteen with Wanlin & co. Then headed to work. Haha thank God today work for only 2 hours. And i'm home sweet home now :)
I miss my girls so much man! :'(
Next week, youth camp. Bintan trip, cellgroup mutiply, 6th monthsary :)
You made my heart beat so fast whenever I see you, I thank God for you entering my life.
You melt my heart completely, with that smile of yours. There's never an empty promise from you, never once. You forgive every mistake I do, though I might be really dumb and silly.
You wipe my tears when I cried so hard, you let me into your embrace when I need one so badly, you never fails to make me smile when I'm feeling low, you never fails to touch my heart with your actions.
Remember how we been through together during hard times? Remember how much we didn't want to leave each other? Every ups and downs, it's not easy to walk down together.
Baby, thanks for everything you've done for me kay. I'll always remember every single thing, every little actions you did for me. Happy 164th day :)
16 days more, to half-a-year anniversary. My love burns even stronger when each day goes by.

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Ng Yuting said...

Regina! my messenger suddenly disappear to nowhere. so i cant reply yr message. :(
thanks, i try! :D
iluvyouuuu <3

Regina said...

Yuting > Haha it's alright my girl. Heh hehz LUVZ YOU <:

Krystle said...

YEAH okay ! you got your Cyrus So give Me MIN HO & KIM BUM !haha :p
Last Long ~ :D

Ng Yuting said...

Lover! go and read my blog! and dont get too touch when you see that ok! :B
iluvyou ;)

Regina said...

Krystle > Haha thanks we'll. Misses you babe.
Yuting > Thanks my lovely girl for yr dedications. Luv you. <:


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