Papa day

Today's father's day. Went to church in da morning met my girlz, the service was great and the drama was coolio. The drama the guy's tattoo was hellokitty, cool uh. And the two ahbengs in the drama hugged each other and said sua lah sua lah to each other, how funny is that. After service headed home straight. I thought there were some program going home at home, yet there wasn't. Haha had alil h2h with my krystle when way back home. I slept in the evening till night and I'm like so active now. I did a lil card for my dad today, I might be a disappointing daughter to you daddy, but you're such a great dad who did so much for me. Thanks daddy :) Well it's Max's birthday today! Happy birthday Max, haha you had yr house burn down and that's why yr hair is so short now!! I understand. Haha kidding lah :) Enjoy your bday kay? :) Pixxx!!

Lovin' them my girlz. Heh hehz :)
Ohyes support!! Updated with new collection!
I mizz my loverboy so much man. Going out later to meet him. Heh hehz. Oh shiat i got schlz tml and I just realised it. Damn it. Okie shall go off now!

You got my head having the picture of you,
spinning right round and round.

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Liping:D said...

Helloooo. Stay prettyy ! :D

Regina said...

Liping > I mizz you my laopo. Can we meet soon!! Luv you.

April said...



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