Precious time

Work ended at 3pm. I was caught sleeping in the office today. After work crashed into Krystle's condo and went for a swim. We were talking all the way about guys this evening, heart2heart was power. After that went home and went out to fish with my family aftermath dad brought me to eat my favourite food that I was craving for the whole week. Thanks daddy :)
Babyboy was back in sg this noon and yay i'm meeting him tml!!
Oh yeah goodbye to king of pop, Micheal Jackson. Rip alright.
Flea with Koonie Boobs tmlz, Filming on sunday morning till noon. My work are all not done and i.don't.have.time.for.that :( I'm sick down with very horrible sore throat and cough. My head's forever spinning.

I need more time for my shoppingz, need more time to catch up on my work, need more time to date with my boy, need more time for my lovely girlz, need more time to relax and enjoy. Need more time to reflect on myself and to be serious. Can i have the time for all this? :)
Chill. Next monday schl's reopening. I can't wait to see all my sweethearts :)
Okie i'm off from here, Byez.
Support!! Thanks xoxo.

That were all about, me and you.

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