My best childhood friend

Hi babies i'm back in blogging. I'm feeling so tired and my tummy's hurting me so badly because of my gastrics :( Today went to fleaflyflo with Geokkoon and then lepak over at Haji Lane and then headed to find my babyboy then went over back to cck and then he send me home! Flea market was packed with people and I couldn't breathe. I saw familar faces, and I saw Huaiying!! ^^ Well, thoughts of sharing just came across my mind, I think i was like a total bitch having no feelings today when i'm out with my dear boobsfriend, shall share upon this great friendship we had between each other.

This wasn't any simple friendship, simple friend, simple bonding i had with just some human next door. But it was one tough,loving,encouraging,caring one throughout all.
We met in kindergarden before. But we don't even have any impression, we met during our pri schl days, those days were the strongest, hardest, most memorable we had together.
We were bestfriends that no one could separate us. We were like lesbian holding hands in school, taking photo like photo madness, looking at hot guys with the rest of the girlz, scream shout yell like nobody business, sneak into each other's class, had late night talks until morning, we could laugh for hours like nonstop.

We could talk loud, scream loud. Our taste are always the same, we like the same stuffs same colours, we used to be penpals and always write letters to each other. We used to fall on the same guy, we used to cry together, we used to go out together, we used to sneak out of school together. Times we quarrelled, we bitch about each other, we fought we yell we scream at each other, but till now you're still the one I trust, the one closest to me since young.
You're never fail to be there for me whenever I need you, whenever I cry, whenever I need someone there to hear all my thoughts, whenever I gossip about someone treating me bad, whenever my family nags at me, whenever i quarrel with my boyfriend, whenever girlz are bitching about me. I rant all my dirty little secrets to you, and each one will get an encouraging advice from you. Remember times I wanted to run away from home? You and someone else were worried sick about me, remember times I cried so badly on phone when I broke up, you were there staying awake just to be there for me. Thanks for yr shoulder for being always there, my dear boobsfriend. Remember this, i'm always here for you always and forever. I knew deep down inside your heart there's some little secrets that you didnt share with me, you were just keeping quiet down not letting anyone to go in. I could see them all, I could read your mind like usual. Boobsfriend, in life there's always problems, I know you're missing someone very badly, I know you're needing of something, I can read them and know them all. My girl, i'm always here for you kay. Share it with me, dont keep inside your heart anymore. I know it's hurting you very badly.
You're still the best, boobs. The special and unique friendship i ever had, I love you Geokkoon.
Remember, i'm forever here, i would be crying with you during yr down times, i would still be laughing with you during your happy times.

Okay i'm so called done with my special dedication post already. Omg it's 12:19 am and i got my fliming tml at 7.30am wth wth i need some sleep very badly. Okie once i'm done with my dinner i'll be on bed ^^ Anyway kindly support my sales journal pretty plzzz~ I'm forever so broke. Love you all, xoxo.

I've never been sick of you, never been tired of anything from you. But i've never got enough of you, I want more and more of you. Babycasper, happy 188th day. We're gonna walk down in faith, and there's gonna be only me and you.

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geokkoon. said...

OMGGGGG NANAPEK!! swear it's damn touching okay! almost to tear. love you so much as before. no doubts. WEENESS. <3

Michelle Lim said...

School's reopening! MISS ME? :D

Liping:D said...

Sadded , u bo link me . D:

Regina said...

Geokkoon > Haha love you too my dardardardar ling. :)
Michelle > yes badly!
Liping > don't sad my wife. I'll link ya up asap kay. Love you :)


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