Never tired of you

School was fine for this past few days, but sadly some poor kids ruined those days. Poor kids like some jerks who goes around stealing people's property, people's items like their own grandmother father area. To that culprit, I believe you've been aiming on me and my fella girlfriends. I believe my bloody money that i lost few months ago it's you who stole it. Please stop your bitchness. You're just being a loser, a begger is much more better than you. Mother fucker.The worst is it's not only my stuffs are gone, but other's too. It's just some branded ear piece, must you steal and somemore it doesnt worth much too.
Yesterday hanged out with Shimin and Chrystal after school, went to accompany Shimin to chop her hair off. And aftermath went over to meet baby to study. Today met baby boy again, heh hehz. We went to shop and buy buy buy.

Must school be so bored? I'm still so sick like usual. Having a very very bad cough, and it's really terrible. I'm looking forward to pretty nice days this weekends, baking sessions, Derrick's wedding, town with girlz. I can't wait seriously man :)
My blog seemed to be so dead, comments anyone? Anyway help me click on my nuffnang ads kay!

Lastly i love to pinch you poke you squeeze your bloody chubby face, and i just love the way you are, Cyrus. Happy 206th day sweetheart, I'll always be yr light shining here with you.

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Anonymous said...

The curvy curvy bangle on your first picture, at where buy one? :)

Catherine. said...

I'll regina ! (: thanks for your concern ! <3

Liping:D said...

Haha , today went lot one and got no chance to see you and yuenshin ! ): Haha , but nevermind , next time then meet up bah ! IMY ! (:

Regina said...

Anon > anywhere also able to get it yep :)
Catherine > haha welcome :)
Liping > haha it's okie. next time kay!! mizz ya my laopo.

Anonymous said...

Like where? :) Aries?


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