You love me even for all my flaws


Sweet little boy, we're going down to our 7th monthsary lane. Time flies so fast and things were left unchanged still. Remember times when we're having our hard times together? We did it with faith and trust for each other. I thought you were give me up half way on me, but you never did. I feel so comfortable with you, despite all my flaws all my unglams, you're able to accpect them and yet you love to snap pixx of me being so so unglam. Your hugs are always so warmth and welcomed towards me, you'll never fail to give me hugs and the support during my hardest time. If we're gonna walk down a hard time again, we'll walk thru together hand in hand. Deep in my heart, there's only one boy who is you. The boy who i ever melted my heart completely, the boy who i gave my heart wholeheartedly to. Thanks for all suprises you've done for me every monthsary, thanks for even thinking about what to do next. Remember our first date? I was so sick and you were all the while taking care of me. I love you Cyrus with all my heart, and i'll always do.

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Liping:D said...

YOYOYOYO ! Hahaa , so sad . Today didnt manage to have a chance to neet you and yuenshin ! (:

Liping:D said...

:( *


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