August babies

I'm awake now it's 10am! I'm awake and i'm having tution later how bored is this. Okie shall blog about yesterday, met cellgroup at commonwealth and headed to hortpark for august babies celebration. When we reached everyone went totally siao. haha imagine that all our group photo cmi. There's more photos with Krystle. Pixx spam!

Well and lastly, Happy birthday to Janelle Toh Jingting! (L)
Hope you enjoyed the surprise we gave ya, the helium balloon cards sunflower cake. Heh heh.
Really thank God for you in my life, it's really a blessing! Love you 4life okie, :)

Later gonna go out to shop with my Puteri baby! Can't wait.
Okie shall go off and prepare now bye love!

Don’t ever give up on love, cause there is always someone who loves you, even if it’s not the person you were hoping for. -Eleowl
Bb, i feel the happiest when i'm with you. Every seconds, every minutes, every hours counts, it means alot to me, I remembered them all.

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