It doesn't worth only that much

I'm back home from townz feeling so tired. Dad and mum went for concert and went for their happy date, how sweet ar. Went out with Puteri Baby today heh hehz it's been damn freaking long since we hang out together. Went to shop for my stuffs and her stuffs, it's irraiting to see everywhere having sales when you can't make them yours. I think we did travel alot today, we walk we take bus we take train, all around town. Pixx spam!

Yep that's all for today heh hehz. I'm missing my honeypie so badly aww aww. Facebook's really terrible i can't stand it. And anyway God bless Krystle for fast recovery for her head injury kay! Love you krystle anything i'm still here, don't cry alone my girl :)
Okie buaibuai ai ni worh my blog :)

If "I love you” is only three words, then why is it worth a million?
Because it meant everything from my heart, truly deeply and wholeheartedly.
I miss you so much loverboy, your adorable cheeks and your smile that melts my heart.

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Bloghopper said...

You dont have tongue piercing already?

Regina said...

Bloghopper > Haha yep don't feel like having it :)

Michelle Lim said...

why your hair so longgg !!!

Regina said...



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