Pixx from last week. I think my make up is really cmi cause I woke up early in the morning with such a shag look and lazy hands to do nice make up. Okie school today, I spent the whole time sleeping. Simply so tired, didn't even realised that it's the next period already. After schl went over to look for my dear boy, gave him a shock at his condo. Haha. Slacked for a while went over to bishan then back to cck. I spent the whole day pointing out his pimples, disturbing him. Haha.

I think so many things were just for show only. There were so many backstabbers around, just that we don't have the eyes to see to predict only. Once patience's up, you think people still have the strength to tolerate? Please get a life or move on or something. Wouldn't you feel tired?

And anyway I love you cyrus 2bits okie. :) And to miss yuting ng, NO ONE HAS FORGOTTEN! :)

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