Happy birthday Chc

I woke up early in the morning for just this special day today, happy birthday chc. Early in the morning was queuing up for seats at Kallang. It's really a great impact, imagining for just a service like this, there could be thousand plus people here queuing with you under the hot scorching sun. The session 1 was really great. Session 2, celebration service was awesome. It impacts me alot. If there's no me in chc, I wouldn't have known a great warming family, If there's no me in chc, I wouldn't be so disciplined like what I've changed right now, If there's no me in chc, I wouldn't have step nearer to know God better, I wouldn't have experienced so much. This church, welcomed arms, loving spirtual family, impactful preeching, on fire for God. Happy 20th anniversary church! Love you down inside my heart like 4ever.

Aftermath went over to Dhoby, then Vivo. We were late by one minute for the flea, then head to Vivo to shop. Bought a pair of flats, a pair of heels, a bag. Ended up in Swensens with Irene and Max, and then headed home. Reached home tears flowed like razorblades. I'm sorry for what i'm doing, I don't mean it to be like this. Love you like how much I've do, just like 7 months ago. I'll still be the girl you read stories to, still be the girl whom you dialled 16 morning calls to.

Pixx up soon, gonna have puffy eyes for insufficient sleep for 3 nights.

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