I think life's so boring, Chrystal told me that she loves having a life which is relaxing, and boring!
Well I couldn't concentrate on my work, my mind's all about life. All about all the problems i'm having right now. Thank God that I'm no longer in 'debts'! But i'm really broke, or i can say that I'm forever broke? :(
I can't wait to get my dslr i can't wait to shop with momma i can't wait for exams to be over i can't wait for my 1st year anniversary with bb i can't wait for end of year holidays i can't wait for the sunshine to be out after having the rain for months.

Shall be disciplined enough to study on my own. Yes i'm meeting my babyboy tmlz.
Okay good night school's in tml shall not be late like last week again. Love you all buai buai.

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Michelle Lim said...

study hard! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stop sleeeeeeeping during lessons! :)

Catherine , said...

Hello :)

Regina said...

Michelle > Haha okie.
Sheena > HAHA CAN CAN :)
Catherine > Hi babe.


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