Miserable at best

I'm feeling so stressed so pissed yet so miserable. Anyone there for me to pour out my misery on? Aww man I mizz so much nice stuffs, I want them back seriously. I missed those times when I don't have to worry much, when I was still so young and naive. Anyway stay tune on amaranthineroses.blogspot.com, collection #04 is gonna be up by this week! I'm gonna surprised you all with REALLY REALLY PRETTY CLOTHINGS! Okay I shall go now buaibuai.

I'm confused. Okie?

And to that girl, don't hurt yourself. I know it's alil wrong for me to talk to you, but I really hope you understands that.. it wouldn't help even you hurt yourself. There will be still people feeling sad over you doing this to yourself, life goes on no matter what. All the best though I couldn't help much.

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