So close

Hi babies please go to I've just launched collection #04, I swear you people would like it okie. Brought in electric bolt zipper oversized, laces tops, oversized tees and more. Go and take a look pretty please? :)

I spend my today in school, feeling alright. Just like a normal day gossiping with Puteri baby in class, and guess what, all my hardwork really produced good results. I can't wait for this weekend to come it's gonna be fun.

I missed gazing stars with you so much, will we do it all over again? Lying down on your chest being in your embrace listening to your heart beating so fast. The past was sweet, but the present is gonna be even sweeter.

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Rachel said...

Hey valentine! Do relink me thnx. ^^

Siewping said...

Hey, do you sell anymore leopard print blazer? &the checkered shirt you wore on your 'it doesn't worth only that much' post?

Regina said...

Rachel > Haha sure sure.
Siewping > Yeah that spree is closed. But i'll be opening another one soon! No worries okie! :)


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