Sleeping day

I'm homed after a jog at Yewtee connector. I've been home for the whole day today by sleeping. I mizz hunboy alot alot alot. I've no more pixx to post wait for tml okie. I went for festival of praise last night and it was really awesome. I'm lacking behind of others for my work i need to catch up. And do support alright! I've been blogging in many different blogs, etc tumblr and onsugar. Haha follow me there too. I can't wait for tml and i'm waking up at 5am later on. Okie bye blogger luv you. More comments plz okie!

I hope everything's fine between us. Ily hunboy.

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Runaway, love. (: said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

HUNboy, uh huh. -.-
Passed by~

Siewping said...

What is the link for your other blogs?

Siewping said...

Please take a look at the comment I gave you on your 'you're not alone' post. Haha.

Regina said...

Runaway love > Hi xiaoying :)
Sheena > oh hi nana love you :)
Siewping > Hmm what other blogs? :)
Haha okie.


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