Hi people, this photos were from last week date with these girls :) We are supposingly going sentosa.... but due to the rain, we changed our plans! We headed down to town to shop instead! Gotten my new dr marts on that day.. new topshop socks ^^ hehe. Topshop is now having SALES!!!!

And this december has been a really busy month for me.. I've been working non stop, haven't been resting. I've been sourcing for new items for lbr recently.. definitely for the chinese new year season, we'll be bringing in more items!! Including new bags, new shoes! :)

Have a great x'mas readers!
I know i'm getting boring... haha/ Maybe i should do up a post upon different topics? :)

ASK ME SOMETHING AT http://formspring.me/joyofsunshines :)


anyway, on the side note.
I really hate judgements.

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