Hi guys, I'm back after a long period of time! Have been actually busy working/doing the shop stuffs, and etc! How was everyone's x'mas? :) I spent it with a simple bonding session over at the boy's house with his relatives and etc! This year's x'mas is pretty different from usual as I couldnt feel the excitement of it. Haha. Time has fly so fast.. it's gonna be like 2012 in.. 2 days' time?

Life is gonna be so different next year. We're gonna be leaving a whole bunch of people, moving on to bond with a new bunch of people in the new schools and etc. Life's gonna be so so different!

My 2012 resolutions is,
- to save money. (i've been spending too much)
- get a new laptop. (i'm dying without a laptop since the day it crashed)
- to be a better daughter/girlfriend? (some self-reflection needed)
- a make over for my roooooom

ok and etc etc etc.

2012.. It's gonna be exciting! Many surprises up for you girls over at http://lastbusride.livejournal.com :)
Hehe stay tune to 2012 for many surprises over there k!

I'll come back again with photos, yes i know it's so boring here now :(
i haven't been bringing my cam out. so lazy
This few days make me realised that I should not take things for granted.. especially when you know how much your parents love you despite all the shit and everything you put up for them, they tolerate, just because, they love you. You should never take them for granted because you wouldnt know whats gonna happen tomorrow. Tell them, how much you appreciate them. How much you love them, in your everyday. Show it with your actions. :)



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