Happy cny guys! How's your holidays? it's wednesday today and most of the students and working adults are back to their work space.. back to school. For this year cny is pretty simple! On the first day went back to my grandparents place for some visiting and second day was spent with my family catching the movie 'we not naughty', and the night was spent over at the boy's place with his family. 

And yes, i've yet to update this space quite some time. 
I've snipped off my hair and change the colour of it.

I wanted it to be longer.. but nvm!
New year new hairstyle! :) 

anyway, wishlist for 2012... I've been eyeing on this babies.

I've been spending a lot... few days ago,
I've managed to set a goal to myself to be able to achieve it in 2012. 

I'm telling myself that, this time round, I'm not gonna give up.
I'm not gonna give up, I'm gonna do it.
No matter how hard, I should. :) 

Anyway! Thank you so much for you girls support for lastbusride!
Without you girls, there wouldnt be what we are now, thank you so much :)

Hope you guys have enjoyed the first few days of cny! 


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