Hey guys! It's alrdy mid april, and everyone is busy with school now i guess! :) I've been pretty much busy with lbr to spend this few months of holidays, so glad im finally getting a mini getaway trip in end april! Time to chill and relax for a while before getting into real serious business. 

I've been meeting up with many old pals. Just like in the past, chatting, catching up with each other, realising how much everyone has changed. The last meet up was the one that kept us really close at heart again, it's been too long. We've lost contact since like a year ago? But i'm so thankful that actually their hearts didnt left at all. 

It's like past 3:16AM now.. I've many photos to be uploaded.. yet my camera is outside in the living room.. so lazy to take it and upload the photos. Will do so this week k! 


Life has been pretty much the same for me... school has yet to start yet. So i'm still lazing around my days with lbr, and hanging out with friends! I'm getting bored of life seriously. What a long holiday...

Talking about lbr updates! Shall show you guys what i like from the previous collection :)


Really love the vintage details about this tunic!! Super unique :)

The drape part of this top is really pretty! Super unique, with such a cute heartshaped buttons :)


Pretty funky union jack denim shirt! With cut off sleeves :) 
Easily match with normal shorts as tunic or highwaisted shorts as a top :)


The collar!! POLKADOTTED!
Matching with the burgundy pink velvet shorts!
I love the shorts alot personally and i kept one for myself :)

Yup that's about it!
There'll be a new collection launching next week!

Stay tune people!

Good night.

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