10 things about me

Well, just went to catch up with my both bestfriends/old pals, gk and ce and realised how much we've all been thru and changed! 

They gave me an inspiration to blog about something. 10 things about me.

1) i find personality tests very interesting. it tells us alot about ourselves
2) i'm never a gentle kind of girl. i'm very rough and i'm messy
3) i love mascaras even though im really lazy to put them on sometimes. 
4) i find lower lashes very attractive
5) im straight forward in a way that i wouldnt pretend or fake smth
6) im SUPER PARANOID. i think way beyond i should be thinking of things and make myself ultra stressed over little things
7) i love mee hoon kueh and sometimes i wonder why will someone not love it
8) i prefer the hot weather than cold. i'll feel super unwell if im in a freezing surrounding
9) i love shoes. crazy over them. i've too much shoes that i've no space for them in my house. 
10) i love hello kitty. 

Okay! It's 3:13AM now and i've to be up at 9AM tomorrow! Good night folks xoxo

Hope ya find it interesting, this 10 things about me!


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