Hey guys! I'm back, there has been many things happening in april-may whereby I didnt update my blog :( Well, since now I'm free at 5:40AM doing nothing, I shall blog! 

The photos go by whatever event that has happened!

1) Me and krystle's starbucks date that happened months ago~
2) frolick date with viks and krys :)
3) vika's birthday ;)
4) Met my princess geokkoon on her birthday celebration day! 

And few days ago, my family and I had a night over at Resort World Sentosa... Finally it's like a day away. Just a day to chill and bond with my family. :)  

I actually have many things to blog about... But just idk how to start.

I'm thankful for those who stayed in my life, be there for me, at situations whereby everyone will have leave. I'm thankful for everyone who was there for me. Thank you so much. 

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