Hi guys! It's friday night and I'm staying home today. Finally a friday being home, feels quite alright! Today's my dad's birthday, so just had a simple dinner with the family to celebrate it :)

Just feel like blogging something personal tonight..
Few months ago. I guess I've really bad self-esteem problems. I felt so low about myself, so ugly, so disgusted. I don't know why will I felt this way about myself. Maybe because few months back my hair was really short? I don't know. I was sad/depressed due to other stuffs... that makes me even more unhappy about myself and about things in life. I went through a very rough path.. all by myself. People come and go, people stay and leave. People changes. But I'm really glad that I managed to pull through and walk through and walk out the unhappiness in me. Here I am, being happier and more satisfied. I'm no longer so depressed/feeling so bad so low about myself anymore. 

I felt that self-esteem is pretty much important. You don't have to be super good-looking, or boastful about yourself. You just have to be comfortable with yourself, feeling good about yourself. Feel mutual. Don't have to be too much. :) That will make yourself happier and things will be better? :) 

I guess I became really simple-minded when i start growing up. Looking at things in a different perspectives, instead like in the past. 

I'm thankful for everything that ever happen to me. That makes me so strong today. That makes me not going back to the unhappy me again. 

Alright enough of all the sad stuffs!! Some photos of the week,

Last wednesday! Went out with Marcus, Jon, Indra, Weenee and Yuhao, 
we went over to bugis to get some stuffs done and aftermath went over to haji to sheesha :)

Then, at night, went over to Timbre for some food! 
Met Cathy over there ;) 

And at night, went over to Zirca. 
That night was pretty much... not that enjoyable
but the company was good ;)

My outfit for today!
Bralet - Topshop
Shorts - Online
Cardigan -
Bag & Accessories - Balenciaga 

Went out for a simple dinner today with family to celebrate dad's birthday :)

And lastly, was featured on CLEO for blogshopping!

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And that's all for today,

Enjoy your Friday Night guys :)

with love,

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