Hi guys! Sorry haven't been blogging for quite a while! School has started for 1 month already and finally i'm gonna start blogging all over again! :) 

2 weeks ago, me and my classmates had a bbq over at Tommy's house! 

Then after that we went over to zirca/rebel for the whole night...

And after that friday night, on the next day,

we went to swim over at Tommy's house! 
But not much photos was taken though so ya! :) 

Then the following Friday...

Went rebel again with Yuhao//Weenee//Jaeyoon// and the rest! 

Saturday went to out to club with Charleen and the rest again.. 
but not much photos was taken!

And yesterday... We went over to Wavehouse. 
The event totally... speechless about it but the company around was really good.

Went for supper at mac and cabbed home with the rest! 

and some instagram updates...

 And today, went out to chill at starbucks! 
Went out for a late night walk with some old pals that haven't seen for a long time! 

And just came back home..

I'm dying. School's in at 12pm tomorrow and i've to get things done in the morning..

Pretty much having a super bad complexion now, I wanna go for facial man :( 

In a dilemma of keeping my hair dark now. I really miss my long hair... If going back to the past I guess I will not dye it so that it wouldn't be so damaged :( sighs! 

And btw! Lbr has just updated with a C47 PART 01! :)

Many ombre tops, cosmic tunic, boots and many more!! 

  a 1



 And there'll be a new update of part 02 tomorrow too! 

Really love this collection so much! Hehe 


Alright, till then! Will blog again soon! :)



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