H a p p i n e s s

Sometimes I wonder why will we have to go through such things in life. Why can't we be happy so easily? Why is happiness so short-lived? The truth is, it's an option for us to be happy. It's a choice, a decision made. You can choose to live your life in a dark/sad world.. full of negative thoughts, or you can change it. You can change your life. Live it like the way you wanted, turn all the negative into positive. Work hard for things, strive for things. Let yourself be happy. Choose to be happy. But even if some things don't go your way, it's okay. Remember, things always happen for a reason. Bad things, good things, it's things that you'll reflect on yourself. It allows you to learn from your mistake, it allows you to grow. So, be happy. Life is tough but think about it, there's no point being sad for so long. 

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