Yes.. i think there's something wrong with my iPhone's front camera.. all my photos looks like the noise level is far too high. Okay.. Some updates in life from my instagram!

I've been more hardworking this week. Haha. Last few weeks... I've been wearing just muscle tank/tunics to school... Too lazy to dress up.

Last Friday's English Presentation,
with Yuhao & Weenee.

Yes we're finally done with all our presentations!!
And come to this... major exams are coming. 


Last Saturday's ootd
I'm so in love with the sequin shorts, it's so comfy!!! 

Monday's ootd! 

Tammy Bustier Skater Romper in Burgundy from lbr!
This romper comes in navy too!! 
Love this piece so much that kept one for myself HEHE

Tuesday's ootd!

Many have requested on leather jackets... But it's retailing pretty high online//outside?

More than $50? 

This piece of leather jacket is only going at $38.00 on lbr! 

Do check it out alright! 

Finally started using my lumix camera again... 

But my hair looks so silky and different in the photo. 
Sadly, my hair isn't like this in real!! 

I've been quite bored of my hair color.... 
Like always, but I'm happy that it's growing alrdy :)


It's already October. Time has pass so fast, It's only the first week of October but I can already foresee that this month will be a good month! 

School this week have been too torturous, it's all morning classes.. and I've been waking up like 6AM in the morning, seems to be back to the Secondary School days again...

And yay! I'm finally going for a short getaway during my study break period!

2012 seems to pass so fast , it's already 3/4 of the year already. 

I thank god that I've been able to pull through so much shits, and cleaning up my own mess and here i am now putting everything in place. 

I'm thankful for all the good things that happened in 2012, and the bad things that allow me to be who I am today. 

Alright! I am off to bed now, sweet dreams people


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