HALLOWEEN 2012 & Updates from Instagram


So... I've been really busy with school last week because of exams, and they're now OVER. I'm done with school for 2012, finally!!! Have been overnight studying with the rest over at Woodlands almost every nights... Having sleepless nights... Literally dying on those few days but we're all glad that it's over!!! 

2 months of holidays now! Gonna get it planned and finally... a break to enjoy myself! 

Some instagram updates over the week!

#OOTD on a school day, 
aztec dress from lbr! 

Some ice-cream day over at town, 

I have been eating a lot of junks//RUBBISH and a lot of ICECREAM recently.
I am getting fatter and fatter each day... 

After waiting for weeks,
This is the best surprise from the postman ever!

Can't wait to wear this baby out :) Hehe

Some random day in schoooool, 
crochet blazer from lbr!

And... I went USS last night for the halloween horror night! 
I'm always scared of such events and I'm a very very timid person. 
But yes i don't know why this year I'll agree to going...

Okay. I went to all 3 haunted houses and apparently I wasn't THAT SCARED. Haha! 
But there's some guy who came so near to me and blow air into my cheeks. 


Okay but overall it was goooood!!!! I was screaming for ALMOST all the rides and yes there goes, I've sore throat now. 

I thought it will be scarier but apparently it's still alright!! 


It was super impromptu to go cause i tot I couldn't get the tickets anymore.... so I didn't bring any CAMERA out... But it's okay.

Photo of the day:

Me with my $13 blood bag filled with orange juice...
(trying to act like vampires from TVD)


After that, went over Safra Yishun to bowl!

I was so lucky that day that i had spares! hehehe

With the clowns :) Hehehehe

Okay overall, my weekends are great this week! 

I've been sleeping FAR TOO MUCH after not having enough sleep for the papers...
I slept away my Sunday, hence I did nothing for the whole day... 

Oh wells, it's Monday now! 
I'm having a shoot for lbr tomorrow... will blog about it! 

ask me anything http://formspring.me/joyofsunshines

Good night sweethearts!


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