WEDNESDAY NIGHT + Some personal issue...


My halloween this year. Never really celebrated halloween and this was the first time celebrating it except going to USS last week! Yup, it was a very impromptu plan to head down to the club thou and this year I tried to follow Marina and the Diamonds's make up. Had an enjoyable night thou Cleo left earlier, went over Spize to have supper with Seemin aftermath, and we started talking about life, about things around, about this and about that. Nights like this are always so good... we went home feeling so ultra tired. 

And yes today, I woke up early just to head down to the Salon and get my hair fixed! My hair was pretty damaged previously, and today I dyed it burgundy red, and the colour turns out like what I wanted exactly. 

And yes I forgot to mention, On tuesday, I went out to town to shop with Vika,
it was pretty much a catch up session after not seeing each other for months.... 

Talking so much about Secondary School times, talking about all the times when everyone's still in school.. going to recess together.. Haha good old times.

And yes, speaking of which, I went to shoot for a few apparels for lbr last week...

and I felt so insecured about it. I swear. 
It's been so long since I've modelled... and just feel so rusty and weird. I was complaining all the way in the studio... 



Yes, I hardly smile when I used to model before, and I did try to smile in this shoot but sadly I failed. Hahaha. I'm wondering where did my confidence level go to... Not to say that I'm like having high ego or etc... but I'm just feeling so bad about myself. And sometimes I just feel like digging a hole, hide myself, it's just all the insecurities that will start eating me up. I kind of miss the long hair me, at least this wasn't a problem to me. I was happy with how I was, I wouldn't be that insecured about myself. 


And yes, this was i think a year ago? 

I was skinny. Still having my long hair. I've put on weight so much now.... 
because of all the food that I've been eating, all the junks, all the suppers....... 

I'm gonna start exercising..

Okay... I was bored and I found this at the studio.. 

It's 12:26AM now, and I've a shoot later in the morning with the team! 

Stay tune to a brand new collection coming up this Sunday! 
A mega collection! You'll like it :) 


" I wish you were there when I was weak, 
but eventually all this battle scars made me so much stronger"

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