This week updates!

hey guys! I'm just back from an hour of jogging with my brother just now...

Feeling so refreshed now after a warm bath and I'm back! 
Haven't been blogging much these days cause I wasn't really in a good mood and etc. 

Oh well! I'm back with updates.

Went Helipad last Saturday for the finale, with Charleen && the rest but sadly no pictures were taken ;(
Went home earlier than usual but I did had a great time with them. Hehe. 

Then Sunday, went out to meet Seemin at mac to get some work done! And as usual, we're always the last few to leave mac.... 

Photos from her macbook and etc! Hehe 
Always love you my best friend,
thx u for always being there for me throughout the rain or sun! ;)

On Monday... met up with Joanne and Fulin 
and we went over for the Twilight event over at Powerhouse, met the rest of the boys over there too.

Ootd for the night,
Dress -
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bracelet - Balenciaga
Bag - Online 

I was so so excited to see Joanne and it's been so long since i met her. Hehe
Had the great night with the rest..... woke up in the evening and had pizza feast with the rest!

OOTD on a Wednesday, off to the office to get some work done! 

Have been waking up in the evenings and only having a meal a day a few times this week already...
Screwed up body clock. Oh boy. 

And this was my thursday!
Went town and aftermath met up with these girls and played card games till 5AM in the morning. Haha! 

And it's friday ytd! TGIF! 

Woke up at 11AM when I slept at 7AM.... I was so sleepy for the whole day but I'm glad that I had so much fun with the girls!! It's been so long that we met and went out for the whole day like this ;) 

Went to watch the movie AH BOYS TO MEN PART 1! Then went over to chill at starbucks aftermath ;)

With Krystle baby ;)

Favourite girls hehehe so much love XOXO


We were talking about some nonsense thing and vika started saying, 

I love meeting my girls, because this is the time that you could have talks//sitting down to chill//to talk about life//to express anything and everything out. Thank you :)

And some photo updates from INSTAGRAM!

brunch on a friday,

shoes shoes and shoes


Something that I wouldn't get sick of. Hehe

I've been home for the whole Saturday... watching How I met your mother for the whole noon...
Just feeling so lazy to get out of the house this days...

I'm so excited for December this year!
x'mas party // getaway trip // new year countdown!

Let's go December 2012! 

I'll be happy. I'll be. I'll be alright, I'll be fine. 

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