Birthday week


It's been a long week and I realized I haven't been blogging anything! 

Oh well, last week was the birthday week! 

17 is a kind of awkward, not here not there age. 
But oh well i'm officially 17. 

So what I did for the week.. 

On Tuesday, 
Went out to meet my girls for late dinner + my advance birthday celebration! 

Dress - Lbr self manufactured studded slit cut dress in black ;)

Thank you for the dinner and thank you for the surprise of balloons//cards/cake ;) 

7 years and counting, love you kooniegalz ;)

Okay they bought this for me and Vika kept going on about... you're 17 already. We should not have buy for you this. HAHA

And after the dinner, we went off to NUS for our Secondary School event, Spectrum. 
Great to see many familiar faces thou!

And on Wednesday, 

Went Zouk to celebrate my birthday with Seemin & Cleo. 


Thank you for making my night girls hehe ;)

And yes after that we went over to Thomson to have ba chor mee!! 

And yes on thursday, my best friend Seemin went to help out at my shoot for lbr latest collection ;)

Went over to her place and we spent the whole night together till 4am..... Hahaha 

I'll blog in another post on the behind the scenes for this! ;) 

My Saturday, 


Went over to Avalon > Arena > Zirca. 
The night was kind of tiring but we had fun at Zirca hehe! 

With Seemin & Janet <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

I look kind of different here, cause i hardly smile with teeth? Haha

And.. some instagram updates!


Went back to school and had lunch with Tommy! 

And MY JC SOIREES arrived yesterday and it kind of make my Monday ;) 

And my ootd on a Rainy Tuesday, 
Aztec knit top from ;) 

Oh well. It's been a long week and I've been kind of busy lately, but so far so good! 
Life have been great. I've been happy. At least for a while, I did feel like this. 
I thank god for the people who stayed in my life, even if in any situation, they never fail to be there. 

Thank god for those who really make effort to put a smile on my face. 

It's December now, the last month of the year. 
May 2012 end well, and 2013 start well. 

Have a great Wednesday ahead! ;) 



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