It's already 2013, a new chapter, a new start of 365 days all over again. For this year, I haven't been really excited as I'm kind of lost in a sense that I've made so much mistakes all over again in 2012. 

I'm leaving all the bad, all the regrets, all the mistakes behind, I'm moving on to 2013. A new start. I will not look back. I will not repeat the same old mistakes. I'll be better. I'll work even harder. I'll not take anything for granted anymore, because i'm blessed that no matter how messed up i was before, people stood by me, those that did not give up on me, thank you. Thank you. I was wanting to give up on myself once before.. I've been too sad in 2012, but thank god someone removed all the sadness in me. 

2012 has taught me a lot. Friendships. Relationships. People. But all these taught me to appreciate things more. Thank you for those who stay, thank you. 

Happy new year everyone ;) 

New resolutions, 
- Healthier lifestyle
- Healthier body (exercise............ i am not gonna be lazy anymore)
- Save $$$$$$$$$ 

Will blog about my Bangkok trip + some updates soon! ;) 


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