Hey people! So yes, I'm back again... Have been wanting to do a 2012 post since thanksgiving day.. but I've been too lazy.... 

This might be coming a bit late....

Oh well, my 2012. 

It's the first year that i...
got my hair cut short.

CNY 2012

Random shoot for LBR early march/april 

and this is a year that I've been dying and changing my hair color a lot...

Dip dye.. red... brown head... 

A good year to remember with my girls..

Thanks for trying to make me happy this 2012 when I'm upset, sad, angry, frustrated... 

Thanks for believing in me, thanks for pushing me on. 

And lastly, thanks for staying in my life throughout the good, and the bad. 

2012 is a year that I've did many of my first times...

first time traveling alone to overseas for sourcing trip,
first time traveling overseas with my friends,
first time dressing up for halloween. 

I'm thankful for a lot of things that happened this 2012. 
There are sad times, happy times, but they're all good memories. 

Thankful for my parents being so supportive as always, allowing me to choose what I like, and what I want. 

Thankful for the great friends that I know will stay with me for the longest time. Thankful for those who stood by me when I really needed someone. 

Thankful for the people that I worked with for lbr this year, I'm really thankful for what lbr is today. 

May 2013 be good to everyone, may lbr be able to bring up to a new level. 

and lastly,

I'm thankful for you this 2012. 
Despite all the bad times we'd, we found a way back to each other again. 
Thank you for leading me out of a mess that I'm in previously, thank you for being there when I ever want to give up on everything that I wanted so much for...
thank you for being there for me when I needed someone so bad, to cry on to talk to... 
thank you for everything, ccf. 

I love you :) 


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