Happy days, I'm happy.

Back with pictures updates!

Last friday, a day before chinese new year eve,

Went over to Tommy's place to celebrate his birthday, and manage to catch up with some old friends :) 

Hope ya enjoy your birthday tommy! 

Then on the chinese new year eve... went to Grandma's place for reunion dinner!

My outfit for the night.

Then CNY day one! Went over to Grandma's place for visiting :) 

Aftermath, caught the movie Journey to the West with my family. 

My outfit for day one,

Romper from online,
Accessories, Balenciaga
Bag, Celine
Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.

Really in love with the mirror acne design! 
It's really comfy despite getting it in suede material.

My family :)

With my grandparents :) 

Didn't head out for visiting on day two, 
but instead, day three was a long day for me! 

Outfit for cny day 3,

Dress & Shoes  - Lastbusride.livejournal.com

We headed down to my maternal side, the Toh's family for lunch and visiting!

Some bonding time with the family, 
and meet my little cousin ;)

This little boy has been running around the whole house disturbing everyone, but he's reallly cute hehe. 

After that, headed off to the boy's house for visiting! 

Spend most of the time seeing the boy gamble! 

And few days back, my outfit to town to get some errands fixed!

The day when I wore like a boy,


Dope Snapback, 
Batman Outerwear coming up on lastbusride.livejournal.com :) 

And for Valentine day, we've decided to go on a simple date instead!
It's been our 4th V day together ;) 
We caught the movie, Upside Down! 

It's a really touching romance show that I'll highly recommend all to watch! 

I wore Purple for this year's V day!

Dress from Lastbusride.livejournal.com :)

And for today, it's TGIF!

Finally got a chance to meet up with the girls, and went out on a shopping date! 
Got sometime to chit chat about the updates in our life, here and there a little... :) 

Did my nails today too :) 

As Vika left earlier, didn't have any photos with her :(

My Biker OOTD! 

Apparels - Overseas
Bag - Celine
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 

For the month of February, everything has been awesome. 
Just that now my bodyclock is super screwed up, but many things have been motivating me to work even harder for lbr, for everything in my life,

things doesn't come as easy as you see, we all have to work hard for it. 
I'm really happy for the end results of working pretty hard, sacrificing my rest time for the past festive peak periods, it's all worth it now! 

And lastly,

Happy Valentine Day to all,

and to you too, C.

Thanks for everything all this period, thanks for helping me in work when I'm pretty stressed out, thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to so badly, thanks for giving me head massages when I'm always having bad headaches, thanks for taking care of me when i fall sick, even thou it happen so often, thanks for showering care and love for me despite my attitude sometimes, and thank you for everything, thank you for loving me. 

We've been thru many ups and downs, many things that we couldn't imagine, 
but I'm glad that things managed to all fall into the right path together. 

Thank you for leading me into the right path again, 
thank you for believing in me and not give up on me during the weakest period of my life.

Thanks for treating me like a princess, 
thank you.

I love you, C.


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