Hi people! 
So it's the second day of cny and I dont have any visiting to do today.. hence i've some time to blog about the cruise trip previously!

It's my second time to cruise... the first time I've been there when I was perhaps... hmmm. 12? 

So i kind of could remember everything there still!

It's a pretty good getaway thou, did enjoy myself thou I spend most of the time eating... sleeping.........
guilty much.

This trip was with my boy and his family!

Day 01, 

We had our breakfast/lunch on boat! 

Then we walk around the boat ourselves.. the wind was really strong and hence my hair is really in a mess.

After that, we got changed and went to catch some magical show on board, 
aftermath headed down to the Casino.

I spend most of my time eating, eating, eating on the cruise........

Non stop eating.

Day 02, 

The ship will be stopping at Penang waters for a while... So woke up earlier to prepare!

In Penang! 

We went over to the Famous Chendol shop to have our chendol! And went over to the supermarket to shop for some groceries! 

The view of the cruise from land.

There'll be tons of this picture... FOOD FOOD AND FOOD.

So, we went up on the cruise at 5pm as the ship will be moving to Phuket the next day... 
and after dinner we were kind of bored. 

So we decided to pay a visit to the bar in the cruise.

Sitting along the outdoor corridors of the cruise...

And the next day, we were supposed to wake up early to go down to Phuket for jetski...

and guess what?

We woke up at 4pm. 
And the cruise is heading back to sg.... 
We just spend most of the day... relaxing. Hahahaha.

Went to Gelato's to have some icecreammmmm!!!! :) 

And there was an event for the night, it was the Gala Dinner Night. 

We dined at the western restaurant that night!

After dinner, as usual, we went for some shows that is brought to us by the cruise crew!

So guilty of how much I've ate on the cruise..

Day 04, the last day on cruise!


So we ate, and prepare for the departure back to sg! 

We spend the whole trip mostly, eating, sleeping, and gambling.... 

And now it's cny, it's the time to eat.. eat and eat again.. 

Oh well, hope everyone is having a great cny! Happy visiting :)

Hope you guys enjoy this post, thou I did bore you guys a little!


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