Just got back my laptop today from epicenter... and guess what? It's a brand new macbook now. All the old stuffs have been erased. It's a new start then! One whole year of my photo booth is gone. I don't feel anything as for now... because i know it's alright. Those memories are sad. I prefer to only keep the happy ones in my head always. 

And the clock strikes 12 today,

My boy is finally 18.

Happy birthday C,
 even though you're so annoying, irritating, making me feel like a time bomb at any moment, 
i thank you for all the good stuffs that you've did for me, and thank you for your love. 
It's a new journey, you're 18 now. I love you and happy birthday ;) 

Till then! It's gonna be a busy weekend to look forward to :) 

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