Last Friday + Shoes Review


Zirca last friday,

Happy birthday C, i love you baby :* 
Watch you grow up from a boy to a man now, 
thank you for everything you've done for me and thank you for loving me.

My hair condition now.. the red has faded and it's now.. more to orangey? 

3 more days to my getaway! I'm happy and excited because after a long break, finally work has resumed! :) 

Oh well, many has asked me upon the preorder heels that I used to be having for,

here are some reviews from me!

I own both of these two pairs thou! Pretty much comfy for me thou, 
for the first one,
the heels looks pretty much tall yet when worn, you couldn't feel the height at all and it's really comfy!

Even one of my model commented that this pair doesn't feel that tall, because it's really comfy and easy to walk in, Something that I'll recommend if you're going out to party/going out for a date! :) 

And the second pair, it's the transparent heels, it's pretty much unique in a sense that it's clear on the buckle and the shoes. 

Something unique to be in your shoe collection!

(Just to mention: Not being biased, just a review on this if you guys are intending to purchase it but didn't have any sample to look at the shoes or recommendation!)

I've photos of me wearing both of these two shoes thou! 

First it's for CNY, it's not pretty clear here as I didn't take photos for the side,
but it's pretty much comfy! It's in suede material :)

And secondly it's for the transparent heels, 
It's pretty much a ootd from last year taken by my phone, yup!

If you wish to purchase it,

you can head over to the link below,
Fill up the order form at the bottom to purchase it!

Any further enquiries, you can email us at :)

And not to mention, we did launch a new collection on Wednesday! Do support ;) 


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