So hi! I'm back! It's march now, me and the boy went over to bkk during the first week of march...

On the plane! So, me and le boy did not sleep for 24 hours till we board the plane...

Going overseas with this kid can be really crazy... WITHOUT SLEEPING

So... I stayed at GLOW hotel this time! They're really new.... been around only for like 7 months?

Previously I was staying at Grand Diamond, Grand Diamond gives me a very family, homely feeling due to it's oven, seems like a mini kitchen in the room!

But GLOW.. gives me a very fresh feeling! And the bed is SO SOFT. Haha 

Okie... so as we landed,

Check in, and went out to shop!! 

We had this for lunch!! The famous Wanton Mee in bkk! 

I didn't have much photos for day 01 cause we were both damn exhausted... 

We shopped till 6pm and we couldn't take it already... So went back to rest! 

The room service food is not bad thou, but sadly the menu they have didn't have as much as Grand Diamond's... 

Grand Diamond even offer dim sum.. 
Haha so for lazy people like us who like hotel room service food should take note! 

I got this from bkk!!!! It's kinda cheap thou, for SGD 12 only!
Kind of need this for my future work trips too. Hehe 

Okie then day 02! 

HAHAHA *photo spams*

Having my favorite bubble tea in bkk... 

Wintermelon Juice hehe! 

Then we bought velvet cakes from starbucks back to our hotel... 

And i found these cambridge satchel inspired bags on the streets!
I'm damn lucky to be able to grab these man! Despite knowing that chatuchak has more.. 

Okie day 03! 

Did nothing much for the day 03, just went out to settle some stuffs for work!
Manage to see some familiar faces on that day too! 

Okie our room is kind of messy...
pardon for the messy room haha! 

And me with my BIG nutella crepe!

I think this trip.... I didn't even take out my camera much thou :( 

Cause there's nothing much to take about too :'( 
My trip is always too short to travel around like tourist :(

Till then,


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Anonymous said...

hey dear. will you be selling the satchels?

Regina said...

Hi there, nope I won't be! So sorry!

Anonymous said...

hello! may i know around where you bought your cambridge satchel bags? i'm planning to go to bangkok this june! thank you! :)


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