Positive is the key


So.. I've been having countless of sleepless nights ever since school have started,

it's not totally my bodyclock's fault, but somehow.. I don't seemed to be able to fall asleep even when I'm ultra tired... and It's getting on my nerves.. :( 

But thank god it's good friday tomorrow!! Finally a day when I can rest.... 

So last Saturday!

Met up with my dearest Joanne and headed down to Mink hehe

So school have started lately, and the first few days have been kind of a torture to me, waking up at 730am every single day.. and school only ends at 6pm. 

I've been having a long holiday and haven't wake up that early for so long, but I'm telling myself, I've to start to love school, allow myself to love it so I will endure and I know I can do it. I can't simply give up on school, work and everything else just like that because I think I can't cope, I should learn to cope it though no matter how busy it can get, I've to learn to juggle because I believe I can!!!! Positive is the key. 

In the past, I've never enjoy school and all I do is being a bum. I just sleep when I like, sleep when I feel like, do anything i like. Now it's time to make a change..... I've been wasting too much time, too much money at the same time.. 

OOTD for school today,
Navy Overalls from - Lastbusride.livejournal.com :)

With the boy on the bus that day, I'm proud of myself cause I've been starting to save up money...
After seeing how hard my parents have to work for money, it kind of woke me up.. 
Have been taking bus, train just to save $$$$$$$!

Hopefully I'll be positive all the way till for this 2 months before a long one month break starts!

Till then!

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