Hey so it's a friday today and I spent my friday spending some quality time with le boy! It has been quite a while since we've been spending a day together because of our weird sleeping habits that are really quite bad...

So last week! Me and the boy went out for some waffles date! That I've been craving for so long.. Hehe

It was a night I kind of dress up really differently, I'm not always the very girly kind of girl thou.

Tuesday, impromptu met up with my favorite girl at night for some starbucks! Hehe we roam around town and have our catch up.. it feels the best and at my most comfortable state when I'm with my best friend, as you all know... it's kind of hard for me to open up to people now, for me, I've been staying with the same group of girls since Secondary school, and it's not that I don't really want to make new friends or anything.. it's because I've been through many kind of friendships that gives me phobias to open up to people. I usually stay close with the group that I'm with, and I'm pretty happy with that. For Seemin, I've known her since 11. So things are kind of different... what's the best is that, we kind of have the same level of frequency, same level of understanding... It's like some things, if you tell a friend about it, like a joke or something, they might not understand... but she understands me so well and it's pretty much impressive. And it's never awkward even thou we have silence, it's just so comfortable. Hehe 

My ootd for the night.

Look at my hair, it's kind of bad now :( 

So my hair looks like this. It's like burgundy on the top, brown at the bottom..
Because I ever bleach my hair before, hence the hair color became so uneven :(
Still waiting for the salon to give me a call cause the day when I went down,
the color i wanted it's not available :(

And on Wednesday night, headed out to Zouk with the girls!! It's been pretty long since I'm out with them and pretty much enjoyed the company :) Hehe then after zouk we went off to Swee Choon!!! 

Ootd for the night

FOOOOD!!! The first word I said when I'm there, haha! 

And yes! We've actually launched a new preorder! It's something that you girls will love definitely!!

For me, I'm usually kind of insecure of what I'll wear to swimming... especially it did happen to me once, like going swimming feeling so ultra insecured and all! So usually I'll pick swimsuits over bikini! Haha 

This is one of my favorite piece!!! It's so pretty! Comes with a halter neck strap, you can use it if you don't want it as a bustier swimsuit!

It comes with Burgundy too!! 

Some unique designs like the slit cut toga version! 

And the flutter slit cut versions too!! 


This post kind of sums up my weekdays for the week, and sadly school has started and I no longer have much time for myself now. 

Till then x

Have a great Saturday!

Since formspring is closing down soon...

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