So finally it's friday of the week, definitely thumbs up to friday!!! Finally a slight break from all the hectic work that I've been through for these few weeks. Haven't been blogging / updating much on this site but I promise I'll be updating more often!! :) 

So I did went away 2 weeks ago on the weekends for the sourcing trip, I didn't take much photos over there but all i took was food food and food. The food is so good!! I love it. 

My ootd, 
coming up on

Best mango smoothie ever

Finally gotten my sneakers... gotten it in floral instead!!! 
Can't wait to wear them out!

Some random photo that I edited when I was bored in the hotel...

And definitely something I do overseas every trip, nails.


And then the following week when I return back, on Friday I went down to Zouk with the girls for Afrojack night! All I can say is there was many hiccups but the night was great ;) Been long since we gather together like this. 

My studded skirt will be coming up on too!

Stay tune! :)

Then next morning, we went over to school early afternoon for our school presentation..
It's pretty scary how that we could wake up the next day for school.

But thank god presentation 01 is over!!!! So glad! 

Just me in the cab~ Girls do what they love the best.

My ootd,

Yellow Blazer - Got it online long ago,
Dress - Online
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell. 

Then I went down to avalon with Joanne. It's pretty much a crazy weekend but I get to spend time with the boy & my girls at the same time. Had a great night and the weekend was too cray cray!! 

I love you my pretty girl,
 hehe there's a bond between us that never dies. 

Me feeling a little bit crazy. Hahahahahaha. 

And today, I manage to meet up with my girls to celebrate my baby girl's 19th birthday! All we did was a simple dinner and we went over to Vika's house for some catching up session! It's been long since we all met up, all of us are busy with school now…. School is such a chore but we promise to always stay close with each other no matter what ;) Will never be forgotten in any way! 

Okie, I shall end the post with, 

I love you my baby boy. 
Thank you for making me believing in love again and thank you for allowing me to be exposed to love again. 

Never thought I'll be in love with someone like this, never thought I'll be blessed with love like this.

I love you and thank you for everything. 

Good night all! Have a nice weekend! :)

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