The process of my hair turning dark violet // LOOKING FOR SNAPBACKS? :)

So previously I've been complaining alot about my hair... which is brownish ombre that faded from my previous hair colour burgundy... Throughout the whole last year I've been dying different kind of shade of brownish, dip dye and etc hence my hair havent been all of the same shade and definitely the roots are of a different colour...

It was at this shade previously! 
and to this at the bottom.

After one wash, it was faded to this. I dyed my hair sort of in a curtain way, which is only in the inside and the bottom ends are dark violet, and covered up my roots with dark copper brown. 

Pretty happy with the end results but sadly dark violet don't usually last long hence the shade usually fades pretty fast, but i'm glad that even though after all the bleaching, the treatment kind of help my hair to stay smooth instead of being so damaged. 

And some updates from instagram over the weeks!

OOTD for school before I went down to the salon to dye my hair.

Hat - Haters Snapback
Shoes -
Skirt - H&M
Top - 

An outfit worn out 2 weeks ago to meet the girls! 

Dress - Overseas
Bag - Overseas
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dina
Accessories - Balenciaga

Food from the dinner that I ate with the girls :)

Few weeks back, managed to meet up with Alissa for a short while!

Last Saturday, was too bored at home at night and decided to visit the boy and went off to avalon with Joanne & etc!

Dress -

Had an awesome night with them, I was sober the whole night but my headache kind of kill me due to not sleeping enough :( But I did enjoy myself that night, one of the awesome sober nights :)

Oh yes! Anyone looking for snapbacks? :)
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Finally, April is over. May has come. I've been giving myself a break for quite a while, it's time to get back on track and work hard again. I shouldn't just let the effort go off like this, I should work even harder and try to improve things. I'm glad that I did manage to catch up with the work at school, and the grades are pretty much alright. Thank god for everyone that helped me to put myself back on the right track. 

I can't wait for June. It's gonna be a long break and this is finally the time I can enjoy myself, work hard for now, and we'll get what we deserve in the end!

Happy labour day to all! 

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R :)

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