So hi guys! I'm back from karaoke with the girls, it's now 4:21am and i just feel like having a post up here! I just sang out all the frustrations i had for a while, but it's been a good session with the girls :) 

Anyway before I start, I just felt like sharing a part of me that have been happening for a while. I felt that I kind of grew up, kind of know how to think better in ways. I look at things around me more and learn to cherish things around me more. I've been going through a difficult time with some personal stuffs for a while, (not to worry, not my relationship, not my family :) ) but i learnt that instead of bragging about the matter every single day, I learn that I should find ways to improve the situation and keeping the positivity always. As many of you know, I'm those kind if I'm frustrated, I usually will just keep BRAGGING ABOUT IT. Things are now better and hopefully things will stay this way, in a way of getting better. 

Okie! Let's go! A short trip to bkk last week, this time round with C, Joanne and Colin! 

At the airport!

We saw this mirror there and we were like wow, hahaha so took some pictures!

Once we've landed, we went down to have our dinner at one of the restaurant there! 

I didn't took any photo of the food but it was damn nice and we ordered a lot for 4 of us and we couldn't finish, 

we ordered sotong, vegetable, tom yum and etc etc, but it only costed like 32sgd for 4?

Then the next day
 Okie so day 02 of bkk! As usual, we went to have our wanton mee.

This wanton mee stall is just right beside shibuya19, the mall opposite grand diamond hotel. 

They also do sell their famous pork rice too, the pork is pretty sweet, pretty much different from the pork rice we have it in sg.

Go try them out!

So in the hotel room while waiting, do what we do the best! 

We went shopping as usual, definitely! :) 

Idk why the boys just look damn sian in almost all photos they are in my camera, 
but they took a lot of nice photos with their phone alrdy so YA hahahaha

They're pretty much more VAIN than me and joanne. HAHAHAHA

Too lazy to get out of the room, so we actually settled down for hotel room service.

I love the hotel food from Grand Diamond!!!! 

Then day 03,

Just realize I didn't took any photos on day 03, I just put my camera in my bag most of the time cause I was really busy SHOPPING and i felt that there isn't much for me to snap!!! Haha 

After shopping around the area, we went to Union Mall for more shopping!

Did my nails there too! They're gelish nails, did it for around 22sgd? Pretty worth it cause of the design and all!

But sadly, my nails don't last cause i'm a pretty rough person. Hence some of the nails are already spoilt and they can't really last me for a full month :(

So day 04! 

Joanne and I got up really early to do our super last minute shopping 
while the guys sleeps all the way till our check out time. 

Our matching overalls! Coming up on lastbusride.livejournal.com :)

Some photos of us in the tuktuk!

Then after that, got everything packed checked out etc etc....

We're on our way back to sg.

Coming back to sg which explains my face as above. Hahaha!

For this trip, I took scoot instead of the rest of the budget airlines.
First time taking scoot and I really love it alrdy.

Their seats are pretty much bigger than usual budget airlines, more comfortable and the aircraft space is much bigger. 
The prices are about the same as others, or sometimes cheaper during promotion rates!

I will recommend scoot if you are looking for budget airlines :) 

Ok that's about it! I'm sorry that I really took very little photos cause most of the time is sourcing/shopping/eating blah blah blah! 


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