Over the weeks!

So hi everyone!
 I've been away for a few weeks from this space due to been busy for a while!

Just got back from bkk on Friday night and hence I'm back with photos!

Photos from the past few weeks~

My hair color that faded from my purple dip dye.

So two weeks back, we had our class chalet!

With the girls, Karyn, Felicia, Yiqin and Jillian :)

With Mandy ;)

Felicia ;)

Yiqin and Mandy ;)

With Jillian ;)

Then the next day, went over to meet up with the girls to celebrate Krystle's birthday!

We had a mini surprise dinner for K as we gathered everyone down to have dinner ;) 

Some photos while I was chilling at Vika's house before heading out to meet the rest,

this floral romper will be coming up soon on lbr! It's our self manufactured piece coming up!

Stay tune! 

With Krystle baby ;)

Happy legal birthday to my dearest Krystle ;)
It's been a long 6 years since we've known each other,

thank you for always being there for me when I needed the best advice,
needed a pair of ears to pour out my troubles too,

Love you forever and always baby, happy birthday again! ;)

Some instagram update!
Some random day of ootd to school!

Few weeks back, avalon with Joanne and the rest ;) 

Ootd to school during exam week! 

Something i always believe in, happiness.
Do not let little things break your happiness,
happiness is gold. 

And few weeks back when everyone is doing the what puberty did to me...

As you can see, I literally look like a boy when I was young. 
I was way too overweight....... when i was born. 

I was heavier than other kids, but thank god all my baby fats are gone when I'm at this age.

Imagine me looking like this when I'm at this age... 
Oh god. 

But everyone said I look pretty much different from what I was like in the past alrdy.

Stay tune to my bkk post soon! 

I'm finally having a month of school holiday, 
will be back more for updates!

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@joyofsunshines :)

till then!



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