The weekends!

Hi guys! I'm gonna blog about my week!

One of the days in the week that I met up with my previous classmates!

With Mandy, Yiqin, Jillian and Felicia :)

So friday!! Went to school feeling so happy because it's FRIDAY!

So, as usual, met up with the clan at night and we went over to Mink!

Cleo joined us this time round, and we've like about 7 girls together? 


While preparing to head out.. 

My ootd for the night

Don't really have much photos for the night but yup~ 

One of the nights at mink few weeks back ;)

Then on Saturday, I decided not to head out cause I'm feeling really tired, hence spent some quality time with the boy watching movie! :) 

Then on Sunday, Joanne and I finally went over to Sentosa to have some tanning and chilling time!
We've been planning to head down to the beach since… 2 months ago :-( Haha 

It's been quite a while since I went for suntanning and have such a relax session! We just lie on the bench for like a few hours… Need more of this kind of session!! 

You guys must be thinking why am I not tanned right! I'm there to accompany her actually, I don't wanna be tanned cause I'm already v tanned.. as my skin sort of absorb the tan very very easily and it doesn't fade away. I'm so tanned now because i used to swim a lot in my primary school days… and it's been already 5 years.. the tan just don't go away :'( 

I applied a lot of sunblock cause I'm really scared :\ Haha!! Oh well i still manage to enjoy myself!

Then after that, we went for dinner! This time round we went over to Bugis to have Steamboat!

Hehe i think i'm such a spoilt brat cause.. I've never ate steamboat with my friends before.. and i've never like take my own food from the pot / bbq my own food… hahaha me and joanne were like so afraid of the oil while we were bbq our food… 

And we walked around Bugis, talk a little here and there about life! Had a wonderful girl-time hehe :) 

We went to Azzura btw!! Cause they do have like the bench all ready for us! We didn't bring any mat or anything.

One of my best friends that I can always count on ;)

It's a very chilling Sunday, and the sun is ultra strong!! 

And guess what we found next? :)

We found bubble bath hehe!! Actually it's more like a foam jaguzzi? 
We only stayed a while cause there were like couples... and weird caucausians in the pool... 

Some random shot of my wavy hair! 

We left there around 730? Then off to bugis for steamboat!!

I think we were too tired to eat a lot that day.. but we still manage to eat quite a bit!! 

I was feeling so bimbotic when i was at the steamboat restaurant as we were both avoiding the bbq oil from splashing out... hahaha 

Hehe but oh well! An awesome Sunday with Joanne :)


R ;)

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I love your blog, your different looks and the beautiful style, You have great tastes. Add on my Blogroll favorites; you are welcome !

Eve Sakina ♥ with Love !
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