Finally, exams are over! It's finally a week of holiday away from school, can't wait for the getaway soon! 

So i'm back with my weekly post!

So last friday, 
went over to Far East Plaza to have my favourite phad thai! 

And then, we decided to try out something new! 
Headed off to Playnation over at Scape with Joanne, Mandy and Zavier! 

It's totally a new thing for us.. I've never played xbox, or wii before.. (i only played play stations before)

So we decided to try them out!! Started the night with dance revolution with Joanne and it was really hardcore, it feels a little like cardio workout but in a different way!! Haha 

And then we tried Sonic Go-cart, athlete sports on xbox… 

But still our favourite game is still dance revolution! Hehe 

It's 11.50 per person, comes with free flow of drinks and popcorn!! Worth it! Haha 

Then Saturday, decided to stay home with the boy to catch some movies and spend some quality time! 

And today, it's Friday again. It's everyone's favorite day of the week! 

It's a little special today cause Janet and I decided to throw a mini surprise celebration for Adelind's birthday today ;) 

We met up and do a little catching up, talk about our lifes, and I realize how much we all have grown up. I knew this two girls since I was ilke 12. It's already been 6 years ;) 

Happy advance Birthday my dear Adelind! Thanks for always watching out for me / taking care of me like how you took care of me in primary school days ;) Hehe i love you and we're glad that you love the presents we've got for you :)

I'm home pretty early tonight, gonna sleep soon as I'm heading out with my mom to spend some quality time! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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