Days when i wanna look younger,

Top - Lbr 
Boots - Lbr 

Days when I wanna dress up a little more... 

Took out my old shoes from the closet shelves and brought them out for a walk,

Outerwear - Overseas
Bralet - Topshop
Pants - Lbr
Shoes - Overseas

Days when I wanna look a little more colourful, 

Outerwear - Online
Top - Bugis Street

Days when I wanna look very different from what I usually style,

Days when I wanna look a bit more casual,

Top - Cotton On
Jeans - Overseas

Days when I wanna look more formal.

Dress - Bkk
Sandals - Mitju 
Bag - Overseas

And today, I dressed up in one of the most unique maxi dress that I've,

I love the cut whereby it's low back, and it's assymetrical at the front.

Never had a chance to wear this out, until today. 

Till then! Hope you enjoy this outfit post ;)


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