Shoes; Overseas, China
Socks; Cotton On
Shades; Bangkok

So it was one of the days that i'm heading to school, I kept this piece from the collection and I realise how much i love the cut and the fit, it's really suitable for petites as a dress, the length is just nice for me. I paired it with white socks, and a very basic maryjane heels. This style is more feminine? Kind of not the usual me but I decided to wear my old pair of maryjanes heels out. 

Hat; Bangkok
Pants; Online
Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell Eva
Blazer; Thifted

And another day, an outfit that I was out with the boy. Recently I've fell in love with pants, especially highwaisted pants. This pants fits me so well that it's not loose, or tight, it's just nice. Decked with a slit cut bralet, and a pair of studded heels, plus a mint blazer. Days like this when you don't really wanna reveal so much skin, you just wanna keep yourself comfortable and safe, hence this is when the blazer comes in. i found this flower crown walkways downstairs my block, and it's for some wedding and I felt like it's really nice hence a picture is a must!! 

So far, September is treating me well, I'm now more focus on work, more disciplined, more priorities. I've wrote down all my thoughts, my goals, and now I'm figuring out ways to get myself there. 

It's good that I'm pushing myself forward now, it's good that I've gotten the motivation, I hope this doesn't die easily. 

Good night all x

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