Joanne's birthday!


wearing; Lynnette Parka in Cream & boots from shoplastbusride
bag from overseas

This was two weeks ago, when Joanne and I met up for some study date. We were supposed to be doing our work.. yet we ended up eating and eating.. We dine in eighteen chefs twice cause we wanted to try the desserts there too! Turns out the waffles are pretty different from usual, they have exclusive berries on it too. Something unique! 

wearing; Tube from Bugis Street, 
Fur Clutch from overseas, 
Skirt from h&m,
Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell

My Friday was spent well! It's been a while since we girls had a late night out together. We went over to aquanova to celebrate Joanne's birthday, and zouk aftermath. Manage to see a lot of familiar faces that I haven't seen for a long time! 


Happy birthday to my favourite, Joanne! We met 3 years ago, and we were both really different back then! You've always been like sister to me, what i love about you is that you always watch out for the ones you love, especially me, helping me through rough times when I needed advices and suggestions. I don't usually open up myself easily, because of many things that happened, but however, you're one of the first that allowed me to open up again, and start being a little more sociable again. Thanks for always being there when I needed a pair of ears to speak to, someone physically there for me, always remember that no matter what happens, you'll always have my back. I love you a lot sweetheart, and happy birthday once again! ;) 

Have been feeling really exhausted due to school, 
heading to bed now ;)

till then x

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