' always choose to love instead of hate, because hating is too exhausting '

I've learnt so much during this period, and I realized how scary this world can be. How scary humans can get, how dislike can turn into hatred, how people wanna bring each other down because of things, how people can kill each other despite so many other things. I'm not an angel. Not saying that I've never did anything wrong. But I'm just shocked. I've never expected the worst from the people I always expect the least from. So many things that have opened up my eyes and allow me to take a look at the reality, but in my heart, I always want to believe that this place is still filled with warmth, filled with love. I don't wanna let go of the world because of this, I don't wanna give up on the rest because of this. I wanna believe that there's still love and there's still reasons to love. I always choose to love, instead of hate. Because hating is too exhausting. 

In my heart, there's always shadows of them, the shadows of people that left the happiest memories. Thank you. 

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